PHILIP HILL     Light Sculpture Perspex art - plexiglass art - plastic art - contemporary art 


Many years dedicated to oil and acrylic painting lead to him evolving new ideas and techniques for artworks using cast acrylic sheet (perspex) as the primary medium. Each artwork is uniquely original and often produced through combining the perspex with other materials and everyday items, such as pieces of wood, metal, stone and design products of interest, like hair dryers and motor parts. Many sculptures include a lighting element (Light Sculpture) giving the works multi-functional qualities.


With a focus on the use and importance of colour and its effect on space and mood this new and original art form combines art light and design to create Light Sculptures. These objects project colours that fill the space around them and create aesthetic beauty and ambiance, having the impression of living art. And yet they are still art with an everyday functionality to be enjoyed and cherished. The evolution of this art form is constant, and there is an endless source of ideas and inspiration that can be nurtured to further advance the possibilities.


Philip has exhibited and sold his Light Sculptures throughout Europe and in the USA.